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Integrated Payroll Features

Save time by automatically connecting payroll with your HR ecosystem

New Hire Onboarding

New hires have their information synced to payroll immediately so they can get up and running on their first day.

Time Tracked & Hours Worked

Using time and scheduling tools, hours worked, breaks, and time off are all automatically synced to payroll.

Automatic Salary Changes

Never enter the same information twice. Update a worker’s salary or hourly rate once and you’re all set.

Payroll Admin Features

Makes it super easy to manage and run payroll

Automated Reminders

Never miss a payroll as our automated reminders will remind you just in time to stay updated.

Upload Bulk Earning

Take actions for entire teams--like bonuses or commissions--saving time and avoiding mistakes.

Dynamic Pay Stubs

Our dynamic pay stubs give employees all the information they need, including mobile access, deductions breakdowns, and clearer information.

Lifetime Accounts

Workers can access their documents even after they’ve left, so you won’t have to field questions from former employees.

Pay Review

Double-check your work before finalizing a pay run. With an auto-generated quick summary ready to be approved.

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  • Effortless Payroll Compliance

    Keeping a business compliant is a full-time job. Luckily our platform does most of the work for you, including automatically calculating and filing payroll taxes.

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